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Radius 860 SL In Row Weeder

Radius 860 SL In Row Weeder

  • mid mounted, keeps the 3 point hitch free
  • allows you to cultivate, disc or mow at the same time
  • driver has a perfect view of the operation
  • sensitive feeler
  • blade cuts weeds 1" (2.5cm) below the soil surface
  • improved spring and tool support
  • ridging disc available
Save time! Use the TE11 3 point hitch cultivator at the same time as the Radius 860 >
*old model shown on tractor

Comments from satisfied customers..

 ...We have it mid/side mounted on our cultivating tractor and are very pleased with the performance. In fact, the results of the machine are simply incredible!...

...Our operators seem to prefer it above any other one... not just for its superiority in weeding but also the mounting, beside the driver instead of behind...

... It is efficient and economical, reducing our labour costs considerably....

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