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a general catalog on our supplies and equipment by email
a general catalog on our supplies and equipment by mail
Information on specific supplies or machinery (select items from the list)
Weed Prevention COCODISC®
Lift-Eze Containers
Gramegna Spading Machine
Steam Fumigation Machine
BL1250 Bedformer
Type M/MS Planting Machines
Type K Planter
Hydromatic Forest Planting Machine
Energy Planter
Type C Furrow Machine
Hole Driller
Combi Sowing Machine
Type 83 Sowing Machine
Sand/Mulch Spreader
TE11 Width Adjustable Cultivator
Tracmaster Tool Carrier
Spedo Narrow Disc
GS Bed Cultivator & Attachments
Rowmaster Bed Cultivator
BM Blower
Radius 860SL In-Row Weeder
BRS Bed Root Pruner
Campagnola Pneumatic Pruning
TE-GE Selective Side Digger
Liftmaster Lifter/Bundler
Type RO Belt Lifter
SR2 (SRX) Bed Lifter
B.O.T. Bedlifter Conveyor
Type U Side Digger
Optimal Tree Spade
Rasspe Tying/Bundling Machine
P-TE Grapple
PTO Shafts
Hydraulic Top Link Cylinder
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