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Binding Tube

Binding Tube

Strong, flexible, easy to use and inexpensive - a great solution for tying trees to stakes!

Product Features

  • in a continuous coil - cut to the length you need
  • stronger than standard tying tape
  • 3mm and 4mm diameter in nets
  • 5mm, 6mm and 7mm diameter in pails
Available sizes:
  • 3mm x 200m (656') in net
  • 4mm x 150m (492') in net
  • 5mm x 600m (1968') in pail
  • 6mm x 450m (1476') in pail
  • 7mm x 350m (1148') in pail

Comments from Satisfied Customers

...It's really a wonderful product, as it's strong, thus supports the trees firmly to the bamboo stakes, and soft, so as being gentle on the bark of the trunk of the tree....

One of our regular customers bought enough binding tube in one year to reach from New York City to Philadelphia!

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