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Rasspe Tying Machine

Rasspe Tying Machine

  • knotter on top of the bundle to protect it from soil and debris
  • equipped with compression device for tight bundles
  • each machine has a electric motor and PTO spline
  • indoor use - 110 volt electric motor and wheels for easy maneuverability 
  • outdoor/field use - 3 point hitch linkage and PTO power
  • handles bundles from 1¼" to 16" (3.2 to 40.6cm)
  • flat plastic twine is available

Comments from Satisfied Customers

...We are pleased to report that we have been using three of the Rasspe tying machines for two seasons. They have served us well....

...Very pleased with the performance of the Rasspe machine....

...We have between 25-30 machines in use at our various locations, some of which are over 40 years old. With a little preventative maintenance we are able to keep them running through our grading, and bundling season....The Rasspe continues to be our go-to tying machine for shrubs....

One company now owns 26 Rasspe Tying Machines between their two locations. Another customer owns 14 machines!

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