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PS Bed Lifter/Conveyor

PS Bed Lifter

  • 2 machines in one
  • also suited for heavier-wet soils
  • SR-2 (SRX) lifter in front
  • great capacity
  • vibrating grading table
  • includes a hydraulic P.T.O. pump with oil tank
  • rear mounted fork-lift
  • workers stand on either side of the grading table
  • tent protects plants and workers
  • steerable rear wheels
  • minimum tractor size 80HP 4 wheel drive / 100HP 2 wheel drive
  • working speed depends on stock density, approximately 656' to 820' (200 to 250m) per hour
  • a Rasspe bundling machine can be mounted on the rear platform
  • can be made to a customer's specifications
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